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Literature Resources

Guardian has a wide range of resources available to you. Please use the area below to search thought the vast library of literature available on Guardian products and related topics. You can also follow any of the links below to view the many initiatives we use to present Guardian products to all area's of the market.

You can also order samples of our glass products, please complete the contact form below to sample products to suit you or your project.

SunGuard Pocket Flyer
List of performance values for all SunGuard and ClimaGuard products
Updated 4 years ago Download
ClimaGuard - Family of products
Updated 5 years ago Download
Guardian Elevations
Energy saving and comfort in the home can be achieved more easily by selecting the right glass for the right elevation
Updated 5 years ago Download
Specification guidelines - product specification details
Updated 2 years ago Download

Online Resources

Select from the following websites for further information on Guardian products

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