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Guardian SunGuard SNX is leading the way in "Triple Silver" glass coating technology

Guardian SunGuard SNX is leading the way in

Some of the most advanced coated glasses available today apply three layers of silver during the magnetron sputter coating process; these are more commonly known as “triple silver” coatings and provide the glass with the broadest level of selectivity currently available on the market.  Selectivity refers to the ratio between light transmission and the solar factor or g value.  Architects today are asking for the highest light transmission combined with the lowest possible solar factor, however they don’t just stop there, most specifying architects also want a natural appearance to the glass with exceptionally low U values of around 1.0 W/m2K.  SunGuard SNX 60/28 is amongst the most technically advanced coated glass products available on the market and provides all of these factors in a single coated glass.  With a 60% light transmission and a low 28% solar factor reflecting 72% of the sun’s heat away from the glazing, SNX 60/28 achieves an optimum selectivity ratio of 2,14 which is currently the best performance available on the market.

60 Holborn Viaduct is a landmark project sitting on the through road between the City of London and the West End.  Specified by KPF Architects who also supplied the project image, it’s one of the first project’s of its size in the UK to be completed using advanced triple silver glass coating technology.   We are pleased to confirm that SNX 60/28 was the glass of choice by KPF Architects for 60 Holborn Viaduct offering the perfect opportunity to showcase our new glass on this striking facade.

SunGuard SNX is part of the SunGuard High Selective glass range which offers some of the best performing glass available on the market.  The patented use of a TPF (Temporary Protective Film) during processing makes it notably easier to process and provides much higher yields.  As with the majority of Guardian coated glasses, SNX 60/28 is coated on Extra Clear float glass, which gives a better level of clarity and less colour distortion compared to clear float.  Extra Clear glass has a reduced iron content with a clearer more crystal like appearance.  This helps to make SNX 60/28 and other SunGuard glass ranges, amongst the very best on the market.

For more information on the SunGuard range and the new SNX 60/28 please visit www.guardianglass.co.uk

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