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Guardian joins Edgetech to answer the triple glazing question

Guardian joins Edgetech to answer the triple glazing question

Triple glazing is a growing area of our industry, stricter regulations, increasing energy bills and a drive from consumers to install more energy efficient measures, is leading to an increasing number of triple glazed windows being manufactured and sold throughout the UK.

As the demand for triple glazing is growing many businesses are tagging triple glazing production onto their current product portfolio, without strictly understanding the capabilities, manufacturing considerations and performance of this product.

So what are the facts about triple glazing?  Does the industry have the right information to make a sensible decision on the product and its impact to their businesses?  Edgetech have taken the helm and are offering a one off opportunity for the industry to get together and answer some of these questions in a staged forum designed to help the industry understand the do’s and don’ts of triple glazing, from technical capabilities, manufacturing issues and product performance.

To make sure that all aspects of triple glazing can be addressed, Edgetech are bringing together experts from around the industry.  Each expert will cover their respective areas of expertise, before opening questions to the audience via an interactive media system which will allow the audience to use their smart phones to pose questions direct to the stage. The board of experts will answer the questions and leave the audience with a clear understanding of the do’s and don’ts of triple glazing and how it can work for their businesses.

At Guardian we will be joining Edgetech and offering our support by covering the technical aspects of glass in triple glazed units and the issues surrounding coatings, performance, toughening, acoustics and condensation.

We will also be answering questions which may arise on topics discussed during the day. The Triple Glazing Question will be taking place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on Thursday 10th April, there will be a limited number of places available so visit www.tripleglazingq.co.uk now to book your place.

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