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Technical FAQs

Technical FAQs

When choosing glass as a design material, whether it is for new window's, glass counters, balustrades, or simply decoration, there are many questions that can arise, from technical do's and don’ts to appearance, cleaning and perception. Here you can find some technical FAQ's to help you with your next home project

How is float glass made?  Information and explanations regarding the float glass process and how clear flat glass is made

Condensation patterning on glass surfaces Condensation can occur on any glass surface given the right conditions; how and why is explained here

External condensation on glazing Improved performance in glass and glazing means we loose far less heat from our homes keeping us warm and saving money, however this can also result in the formation of external condensation at certain times of the year, here is a full explanation

Glare and Glass Surfaces Glare is the occurrence of bright light which obstructs your view and can cause discomfort, here is a detailed explanation of glare and its causes

Single glass and textured glass lifespan How long does glass really last, you can find out by downloading the attached document

The weight of flat glass How much does glass weigh?  Here you will find a detailed explanation and understanding of the weight of glass

The acoustic performance of glass in windows Glass in windows has a tremendous effect on the transfer of sound, here you will find more information and understanding around this topic

What is one way vision glass? Is one way mirrored glass a real product? Here you can find more information and understanding behind this product and its physical attributes

Low Emissivity glass position Low Emissivity glass or thermally insulating glass products need to be orientated correctly inside a double or triple glazed unit to work effectively, find out more information about this here

How strong is glass?  Glass is often stronger than people consider or believe, but how strong is glass?

How strong is toughened glass?  Toughened glass is stronger than annealed glass, but how strong is it and how is it made?

What colour is float glass? Glass is clear and has very little colour distortion, but what affects the colour of glass and how can the colour difference be measured?

Light and solar performance of glass Glass affects both the transfer of light and the transfer of heat from the sun, but how is this measured and identified? Find out here

How does triple glazing improve sound control? Using more than one pane of glass in a window will improve sound control, using three panes is better still, but how much better is it really?

What glass should I be using? There are actually far more types of glass than people are commonly aware of, so which one should I be using for what?  Find out more here

Laminated glass names explained Laminated glass is a product used more commonly than people realise, however understanding the names of different laminated glass option and the construction of the glass can be very confusing, here you can find a simple explanation to the names and terms for laminated glass

How resistant is glass to scratching? Glass has been used as a clear barrier in our building for centuries, however as with all materials it will degrade and can be scratched, find out more information here

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