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The Cutty Sark once again rides the waves

The Cutty Sark once again rides the waves

The Cutty Sark is the world’s last surviving tea clipper and is one of the true prides of England and particularly Greenwich in Greater London, where the ship now resides.  After an almost devastating fire in 2007, there were many questions over the future of this most iconic of ships, however as fortune had it; most of the vital components of the ship survived and after an extensive repair and renovation the Cutty Sark has been returned to its former glory.  With the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics this year, Greenwich and along with it the Cutty Sark has been out on display for all the world to see, and we are very proud to announce that the Cutty Sark has been set 10ft above the pavement on a bed of SunGuard®  High Selective SN 40/23, which has been shaped to accommodate the ships hull and provides a sea like appearance to present the ship upon. 

The use of glass to accommodate the hull of the ship, has allowed many different angled panes to produce a sea like effect that appears to glisten under the ship as if riding the crest of a wave. This has been an ideal project to show off the colour consistency of our SunGuard® High Selective range, as it incorporates many cut sizes at many different angles often presenting the glass way past the standard for colour shift on coated glass of 45 degrees (EN1096-1: Glass in Building – Coated Glass).  This shows the exceptional level of uniformity achieved when using our SunGuard High Selective range.  However, the sea of SunGuard High Selective SN 40/23 isn’t just there for show, it covers a steel support which holds the ship above head height allowing visitors to see artefacts from the Cutty Sark, and most importantly for the first time, to see the innovative designed underside of the ship, which made the Cutty Sark one of the fastest vessels to sail the sea’s when she was launched in 1869.

The sea of SunGuard High Selective SN 40/23 doesn’t just encase the visitor’s area and provide aesthetic appeal, it is also functional to the interior of the visitors’ area, with a solar factor of just 23% and a light transmission of 40%, the area provides natural daylight, without becoming overheated due to solar radiation.  Additionally, the SN 40/23 has a low centre pane U value of 1.0 W/m2K offering optimum thermal performance and helping to retain valuable heat during the winter months, ensuring the visitors area is a comfortable facility all year round for those coming to experience the heritage of the Cutty Sark.

Architect: Grimshaw Architects

Developer: Cutty Sark Enterpirses Ltd

Contractor: Ellmer Construction

Glazing Contractor: Seele Austria

Glass Fabricator: FGT Poland

Engineer: Buro Happold

Construction Manager: Gardiner Theobald

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